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"Treatment by direct communication with the subconscious."


"Guided visualization in a relaxed alert state of awareness facilitating new thought patterns & behaviors." 

Who am I



My experience is wide and varied and enables me to offer effective, non-conventional, individualized care. Professionally trained as an advanced clinical hypnotherapist, my practice entails both transpersonal hypnotherapy and clinical hypnosis, depending on the needs of the client.  My extensive experience in chakra balancing (i.e. human energy centers), shamanic studies (breathwork & soul retrieval), and meditation allow for a unique holistic approach that focuses on communicating directly with the subconscious while in a relaxed alert state, facilitating profound healing & transformation.  Conclusions & behaviors connected to past trauma are reprogrammed and trapped emotions are released. 

Treatment plans are individualized depending on the needs of the client but frequently begin with a chakra balancing session.  This approach introduces the client to guided visualization while in a relaxed alert state of consciousness (i.e. trance).  The treatment process thus begins with the client in a balanced energetic state, allowing for deeper focus & a more profound healing experience.  I work with a number of mental health issues and provide a path towards truly transformative healing.



With hypnotherapy, the focus is on facilitating healing at a deep transformative level by releasing the blocks and emotional charges associated with past traumatic events still impacting our thought patterns and behaviors today.  The process also encourages the re-integration of "lost parts" of ourselves.  

Although these events often occur in our childhood the effects may be experienced at any time in our lives.  While in trance, the client is regressed back to the event when the trauma initially incurred.  The emotional "charge" associated with the event is then released through expression.  New conclusions and associated behaviors regarding the original event are decided upon by the client and internalized. 

Hypnosis and chakra balancing are utilized when positive change is desired but no trauma is related to the undesired emotion or behavior.  Chakra balancing may also be experienced as a powerful stand alone treatment.   


My Commitment

My commitment is to clearly explain every step of the process, to insure your acceptance and understanding of the process, & to use all my resources to facilitate the desired objective.  My goal is to assist you in your healing, growth, & in the realization of the person you desire to be, joyfully co-manifesting your desired reality.  



Depression & Anxiety


Depression affects how you feel, think and behave causing persistent feelings of sadness and loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities. Depression can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems.  Anxiety can cause irritability, fatigue, impaired concentration, and sleep deprivation.  The use of hypnotic deeply relaxed states of consciousness (trance) combined with the release of negative emotional energy, has been shown to be highly effective in recovering motivation, perspective, and joy in your life.



Addictions are marked by feelings of lack of control.  Feelings of guilt, embarrassment, or disgust are common and may result in hiding the behavior.  With a multi-pronged approach of hypnotherapy (source), hypnosis (mental programming), and chakra balancing (energy attunement), I can help you overcome these conditions and guide you through the process of  healing. 

Unhealthy Relationships & Sexual Dysfunction


Hypnotherapy can be beneficial for couples who are looking to strengthen their mental, emotional, and physical connection.  Sessions can be held individually or with both partners.  This process does not entail counseling or talk therapy but rather focuses on identifying the emotional trigger(s) in the relationship, and then healing the cause(s) while releasing the associated emotional charge. 



1) What is hypnotherapy?

"Hypnotherapy is based on the premise that unhealed emotional trauma from our past can still be affecting us today.  The process entails working with the trance state while establishing a link between our emotions and past traumatic events.  Through the healthy release/expression of these emotions and by "rewiring" the conclusions and behaviors associated with these events, the client is able to heal at a much deeper transformative level.  

2) What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a method of deep relaxation and concentration that provides access to a unique state of consciousness.  This altered state of consciousness, the trance state, is characterized by increased suggestibility and is conducive to establishing new neural pathways (thought processes) that lead to new behaviors and perspectives.

3) What is the difference between hypnotherapy and hypnosis?

Hypnotherapy utilizes therapy in the form of age regression and expression, both verbal and physical, to release emotional charges associated with past traumatic events and to reconfigure the conclusions and behaviors associated with these events.  Hypnosis, on the other hand, utilizes deep relaxation & suggestibility in order to establish new thought processes around an unwanted emotion or behavior.

4) What is chakra balancing?

Chakra balancing relies on frequency synchronization and energy work to remove blockages in any of the seven primary chakras, and to re-tune the energy centers to the proper frequency.  As the electro-magnetic spectrum shows us, everything in our reality is a frequency.  The chakras are specifically tuned frequencies that can go out of balance when negatively charged emotions are experienced, affecting both our mental & physical states.  Clients tend to experience a dramatic and profound sense of joy and well-being after receiving this treatment.

5) How do I decide between hypnotherapy, hypnosis, or chakra balancing?

Healing is a process.  And the main ingredient in this process is the motivation of the client.  No healer/practitioner can facilitate healing without a desire and willingness on the part of the client.  Hypnotherapy, hypnosis, and chakra balancing are all extremely powerful and transformative in their own right.  Each of these modalities has the ability to produce profound results.  Deciding on which to work with is a matter of objective.  If the desire is a removal of immediate blockages and an experience of joy and balance, then chakra balancing will be most appropriate.  However, if the client desires to "go deeper" and heal deep conscious and subconscious emotional wounds then hypnotherapy will most likely be the optimal course of action.  Hypnosis, on the other hand, does not utilize any therapy or energy work but rather works with the deeply relaxed hypnogogic state and positive suggestibility in order to establish new neural pathways and, as a result, new beliefs and behaviors.

6) How long is each session and how often are the sessions recommended?

The average length of time for a hypnotherapy session is 90-120 minutes. The average length of time for a chakra balancing session is 60-75 minutes.  And the average length of time for a hypnosis session is 45-60 minutes.

There is no risk in "over doing it" with any of the three healing modalities.  In order to stay balanced and positive many clients have chakra balancing and/or hypnosis sessions conducted on an ongoing weekly or monthly basis.  Other clients schedule chakra balancing and/or hypnosis just before important events (job interview, presentation, social event, etc). Hypnotherapy requires substantial emotional investment and, as such, clients tend to focus on specific behavioral issues (ex: difficulty with relationships) or specific mental issues  (depression, anxiety, etc) until the issue is resolved.  In most cases the specific issue is resolved with hypnotherapy in 1-6 sessions. 



"Ed is a truly gifted and skilled energy worker.  The sessions I received from Ed were extremely beneficial in assisting me to release emotional trauma and mental turmoil, resulting in the creation of inner harmony and well being."

~ Lizbeth Peters

"Ed has amazing capabilities to delve deep and to read the person's inner soul unlike anything I have ever experienced.  It's an amazing journey that everyone should experience."

~ Ashwini Kumar

"As a musical artist that performs in front of live audiences on a regular basis, I have found that balancing my chakras just prior to a performance allows me to take my performance to a higher level.  There's no better way to interact with the audience then when my entire being is balanced and at its highest possible vibration.  Let the love flow!"

~ Dalton, aka Lucid Vision

"Ed is an incredibly soulful conduit for this ancient practice.  I don't think I have ever been more relaxed than I was on Ed's table.  He has created a magical space and his passion for what he is doing is deeply soothing."

~ Erika Yost

"Being new to the world of chakras, I was skeptical and unsure of what to expect.  However, I quickly learned that not only was the chakra balancing deeply relaxing, but vital to optimal functioning throughout my busy day.  It was an awesome experience!"

~ Amy Clanton

"I've known Ed for over five years as a meditation teacher, chakra balancer, hypnotist, and healer. He is one of the most gentle and humble souls I have ever met, and incredibly knowledgeable. My sessions with him are always powerful and deeply healing. He comes with a huge open heart and will help you find the same for yourself!"

~ Kevin Lockwood

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New office address in Lemont, Illinois coming soon.

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